I've been studying since I left High School. I didn't study much before that, except to learn more about the world so that I could be a better Dungeon Master, or program more interesting video games. School was uninteresting and inhibiting, and I wasn't allowed to take classes I found interesting (like Physics) so I mostly screwed around, ditched classes, avoided homework, aced most of the tests, and graduated with a 2.03 GPA. You can't get much worse than that and still graduate.

After High School I joined the U.S. Navy's Nuclear Power Program. This is a classified program which trains intelligent but unmotivated young people how to operate the U.S. Navy's various nuclear reactor plants. Take it from me, it's really a horrible place. Don't let it happen to you!

Anyway, there I learned the basics of physics, calculus, electronics, thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, material science, and nuclear fission. I also learned how many insects there are in central Florida. I learned that the Navy uses its medical program to experiment on enlisted personnel. I learned that the military brainwashing I had received (and was still receiving) was ruining my life. I learned what NAVY really stands for: Never Again Volunteer Yourself.

My real studies resumed after the completion of my military service in 1994. I attended Los Angeles Pierce College for 2.5 years. The G.I. Bill paid $400/month during this time, and while living with my parents I managed to survive on this pittance without a job during the school year. This lack of distraction allowed me to maintain a 4.0 GPA during my stay at Pierce, and allowed me to transfer to UCLA in 1996.

At UCLA I majored in Cognitive Science. Unfortunately, the Cognitive Science webpage sucks. It has sucked since before I started there, and has had only very small changes during that time. Sad.

I graduated from UCLA in Winter of 1999 with a 3.94 GPA (summa cum laude) with a Minor in Mathematics and a Specialization in Computing.

In Fall of 1999 I began graduate study at UCLA's Computer Science Department, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. I did this until Spring 2001, when I terminated my graduate studies. I'm now considering continuing my graduate studies at UCSD.